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Delivering your promise, to your customers.

صندوق تقدم خدمات لوجستية متكاملة للمتاجر الالكترونية 

خزن البضاعة – تجهيز الطلبات – توصيل و استحصال المبالغ

Sandoog is a Last-Mile delivery and Order Fulfilment service for e-commerce businesses – Need to reach customers in Iraq? contact us:


Order pick-up

Sorting & preparation

Delivery & cash transaction

What our customers say

Skechers Shoes | Skechers, Logos, Sport branding

“We began our online selling process when we realised Sandoog can provide us with the standard of service we have been looking for in Iraq. They have supported us in reaching customers all over Iraq during the COVID-19 period while our stores had to be closed.”

Manager, Skechers (Iraq)

“Sandoog’s Order Fulfilment Services allowed us to manage our logistics in Iraq with added peace of mind as they were able to handle our inventory, pick, pack and deliver to every city from their Baghdad warehouse. this has reduced our costs and time whilst allowing us to focus on expanding our customer base in Iraq.”

Director, Visionary Biomedicine (Erbil)

From Baghdad to every corner of Iraq

Our milestones so far…


number of merchants served since launching in April 2018


Number of successful orders delivered by our team


Year on year we have consistently produced consistent growth for ourselves as well as our customers

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